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This is an intercontinental dialog, begun in 2005 between two Black-Irish-American brothers, both writers, wherein they revisit their 20th century roots in the mythical city of Albany, New York. Bob currently lives in Kyoto, Japan and Mick in Santa Barbara, California.

The banner at the top of the page is a window into their past; from the left, Bob, when he was a model in Japan in the 80s; followed by a trolly crossing the intersection of State and Pearl Streets in downtown Albany in the 40s, just a few blocks below the State Capital (in the background you can see Myers Department Store, where their dad was the display manager in the 50s).

Next is a shot of Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller, The Little King, overlooking construction of the Empire State Plaza in the 60s; a view of the Governor’s Mansion on Eagle Street, in the same neighborhood where the Blog Brothers dreamed, schemed and plotted their escape. Last but not least is a shot of the Irish Mick, a portrait of the artist as a young man.

For a bit more detail on the scene of these crimes, you might want to pick up a copy of O Albany! by William Kennedy, another Irish Catholic boy from the mythical capital of the Empire State.

7 Responses to About Us

  1. Neal says:

    Blog Brothers… Love the work you guys have done on this blog! Really Amazing!!!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Neal!! Nice to hear that you enjoyed it. Stop by again, and check out our individual blogs as well:



  3. Bob & Mick,
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  4. hal menchel says:

    born in brady hospital 2/20/1946….lived in the pine hills section and went to ahs 1963 grad …wonderful blog love the memories
    keep it up HM

  5. susan flynn park says:

    I grew up in Albany a bit later than you guys and spent all of my teenage years just grooving on the music. Nina Simone,Muddy Waters,Buffalo Springfield,The Beatles,The Rolling Stones,The Byrds and on and on. Actually that’s still what I’m doing.

  6. julie oconnor says:

    Rob.. you inspired me.. and I should have contacted you sooner. I started an Albany NY FB site.. people are mostly born betwen 1941 and 1961. If you are not so busy.. please join. Hope you are well and life is wonderful in Japan. https://www.facebook.com/groups/375351089205442/

  7. Dear Blog Brothers,

    At 74, I’ve just published my “debut” novel Fling! and, yes, I’m seeking help in marketing it. According to Lewis Buzbee, author and professor of creative writing at the University of San Francisco, “Fling! is both hilarious and touching, the madcap journey of an aging mother and her adult daughter from cold Protestant Canada into the hallucinogenic heart of Mexico’s magic, where the past literally comes to life. Every page is a surprise… A scintillating read.”

    The San Francisco Weekly recommended Fling! as one of the eight summer reads along with Judy Blume, Bruce Bochy, and other more well-known authors. It reads, “A 90-year-old woman goes on a trip to Mexico City with her hippie daughter — and runs into several very dead, very funny relatives on the way — in the freewheeling new novel from the Bay Area author, who teaches writing at the University of San Francisco.”

    Fling! should appeal to a broad range of readers. While the main characters are middle-aged and older, their zest for life would draw readers of all ages, male or female, attracting the youthful adventurer in most people. The heart of the book is how they approach their aging selves and are open to new experiences.

    I’m hoping you might be willing to either interview me or review Fling! or just mention it on your site. As you know, every little bit helps. If you’re interested in knowing more about me and Fling!, please visit my blog.

    Lily Iona MacKenzie

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