The Lineup

The usual suspects:
Bob, Pat Villani, and Mick, probably during one of those real winters of the late 1940s, when the snow could very well be over your head when you rolled out in the morning, wearing so many layers that you couldn’t afford to fall down.

As I recall, several very large people forced us to line up for this mug shot, interrupting the important work at hand: snowball velocity testing, planning sessions with the Snow Fort Commission, and lab experiments in the creation of yellow snow. By the way, Bob and I were cleared of all charges. The guy in the middle was detained for dressing funny.

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11 Responses to The Lineup

  1. Robert Brady says:

    Echo says I look exactly like Kasumi when she was that age…

  2. Mick Brady says:

    After looking through the photo archives, I’d have to say I agree with her. Amazing.

  3. Joy Des Jardins says:

    The Brady Boys strike again…love the photo Mick. Is that snow goggles on Bob’s head? I look at the three of you and can’t help but think…..”One of these things is NOT like the others….”

  4. Mary Lou says:

    LOLOL you all look the kids in the CHRISTMAS STORY!!

  5. Ted says:

    Mary lou – I checked out my photo archives from when I was a wee lad because I thought that the three in the lineup looked like some of my friends. They do. We looked at some of my wife’s photos and she apparently had the same group of ragmuffins surrounding her. I’m from SD and she is from MA and it appears that we are all dressed by the same tailor. Nice posting Mick

  6. road apples says:

    Did you have a flexible flyer that would go for what seemed like forever?

  7. 1000myths says:

    We were doing belly whoppers down the big hill off the Aqueduct. My Flexible Flyer was in a bad way after colliding with other “Flyers” coming down the icy hill for the previous three winters. The two middle slats that ran vertically between the steering handles and the tail were loose. When I hit a big bump down near the middle of the hill, my “whatsis” got caught between the two slats. I thought I was gonna sing sorprano in the choir for the rest of my life. I dragged myself and my Flyer back up to the junior boys dorm and Nurse was standing outside. She looked at me and asked if I was OK? I nodded and headed inside. How could I tell her what the slats had done?

  8. Mick Brady says:

    Great stories, guys. So do you sing soprano, or what? All this talk about Flexible Flyers just reminded me of a tobogganing adventure Bob and I had a bit later in life. My next post?

  9. samcandide says:

    How did you make the Brady arms flow into the white margins?

  10. pat villani says:

    looking for mick or Bob, I am the person in the center

  11. pat villani says:

    Micky: That day you wanted to take your sisters baby carage down from the second floor, I was at the bottom of the stars. You got in the carage and pushed off. will after the wheels hit the first step it came rolling over and over down 14 steps but you did get it down. You did not look to good when it came to rest. How about all the snow forts we make, It was only around 60 years ago, but it seems like yesterday to me

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