Our Own Private Oz

The Yellow Brick Road, the old Delaware Turnpike, runs south from the hamlet of Normansville to Elsmere, and was abandoned in 1863. We took it over in 1951. The two bridges over the Normanskill Creek can be seen below, where many a boyish adventure was had.

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2 Responses to Our Own Private Oz

  1. Robert Brady says:

    They abandoned the Yellow Brick Road right in the middle of the Civil War? Took us nearly a hundred years to reclaim it for humanity…

  2. Robert Brady says:

    That upper bridge looks like a much newer one than when we lived there…

    They must have discontinued the Yellow Brick Road when they built an even earlier new higher bridge, thereby cutting out the curves down to and the climbs up from the old bridge under genuine horsepower…

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